Easy Way to Unlock IMEI iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is immediate successor of iPhone 4 launched by Apple. It is fifth generation of iPhone and is widely used smartphone available in the market. It is endowed with several advanced features and functionalities that let you perform several types of tasks other than communication. It is touchscreen based smartphone which comes in two color i.e. white and black. iPhone 4S is ruling in the market and has really superseded all available smartphones. But still it has certain limitations due to which you cannot use it globally.

Every Apple iPhone comes in a contract with AT & T network so users have to stick to this particular network. In case if you want to switch over to another network then you can’t do so unless you are in contract with AT & T. You cannot use your iPhone everywhere. Several versions of iPhone are available in the market and being used by people but all has this problem. So, if you want to enjoy the features of any other network then you have to unlock IMEI iPhone.

Every Apple iPhone is assigned with unique IMEI number which lock your smartphone SIM to particular network. you are bound to use the particular network of AT & T. You are restricted to pay extra charges, roaming and all due to this lock system. So, most of the iPhone users are willing to unlock this number. If you are also one of those individual, then you should know that it is easy to unlock IMEI iPhone with the help of comprehensive third-party software.

If you unlock your iPhone then you can enjoy several benefits like as follows:

  • You can enjoy the benefits of any other networks like Vodafone, Orange, Virgin, O2 and others
  • It will be easy to use your iPhone globally in any parts of the world
  • You don’t have to pay any extra charges for roaming, SMS etc

Since, you can enjoy several benefits after unlocking your iPhone so you should unlock iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and other versions using comprehensive  iPhone IMEI Unlock Software. With the help of this effective software you can easily unlock IMEI of your smartphone in just few simple clicks. It is easy to use the software as it comes with advanced  graphical user interface.

User Guide: How to Use iPhone IMEI Unlock Software


Download iPhone IMEI Unlock Software and install it successfully on your computer from quick installation wizard.


Now connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and then start the program.


In this step you just have to follow on-screen instructions to complete the unlock process. After completion of unlock process you will be able to use your smartphone on any network of your choice.

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